Friday, 11 March 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami hit the Japanese territory.
Almost 16,500 people died. More than 4.700 are missing.
More than 112.000 buildings were destroyed.
The island of Honshu was moved 8 feet eastward. Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant suffers a meltdown.
The economic losses are estimated at 183 billion dollars.

MADE FOR JAPAN is a project by Citypulse, conducted by Toshihiro Oshima and aimed to help the Japanese people to heal their wounds.

It is composed by 12 Volumes created by 11 artists, 9 of them Japanese and 2 Spanish photographers specially invited to the project.

Starting August 11th, exactly 5 months after the earthquake, each week we will launch a new Volume.

All the profits will go to the Japanese Red Cross to be applied in the reconstruction labors.

General Coordination by Toshihiro Oshima and George Lever
Curator: Toshihiro Oshima
Design Supervision by Constanza Jobet
Logo Made for Japan designed by Leo Uehara

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