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Bespoke furniture designer artist and sculptor photographer... :: Nikolas piper

Born in Germany, Nikolas Piper studied at the School of Fine Arts in Berlin and graduated in Communication Design. He has spent the last 20 years living in Spain.

In 1994, the renowned blacksmith Antonio Bonet (Ses Salines/Mallorca) introduced Nikolas Piper to the world of metallurgy and to the art of working wrought iron. The concept of their collaboration was to study in depth the challenges and possibilities that present themselves when initial design takes physical shape.

Since then Nikolas Piper's designs have attracted a following not only for their unique character but for their refined idioms that defy trends. The challenge of Nikolas Piper's design projects lies in combining sensuality with humour and a high quality finished product. Nikolas Piper's designs are made with respect for the environment, highlighted in the use of organic paints and oils as well as in the choice of European wood that has been sourced from disused workshops or recycled.

Nikolas Piper entered the international furniture design market in 1996 as a participant in the Passagen section of the Cologne Furniture Fair (Germany).

His exclusive work can be found across Spain and beyond - in London, Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam, Mexico and the United States - in projects designed for private residences, institutions, museums and the furniture industry. Actor inglés Madrid English actor Fotógrafo de boda Wedding photographer