Overview | Ciudad de la Luz - Movie studios in Spain Spanish film studio Alicante

Overview | Ciudad de la Luz - Estudios de Cine - Alicante Overview

Ciudad de la Luz
Alicante Spain
Film Studios
Filming Outdoors - Filming On-Set - Filming Underwater - Editing and Post-Production
Large Stages Medium Stages Back Lot Backlot Tank Production Support Buildings Mill and Workshop Buildings Catering Building
Projection Room Post-production Room Film laboratory
6 Film Sets: interconnected in pairs and with a total area of 11,100m2, the set buildings are independent, soundproofed structures with air conditioning.
Separate annex building providing production support services.
3 Production Support Buildings: dressing rooms, hair and make-up rooms, warehouses for wardrobe, set design and props, meeting rooms, bathrooms and showers, etc.
1 Warehouse and Workshop Building: total of 10,050 m2 divided into various zones allocated to the construction of sets, their assembly and storage,
the creation of special effects, storage of lighting and camera equippment, wardrobe.
2 Back Lots: outdoor filming areas of 4.2 and 7.8 hectares respectively, with natural horizon and equipped with electricity supply, water supply and fibre optics.
Film Pit: located in one of the back lots and measuring 100m x 80m, blue screen installed on side.
Water Zones
Auxiliary Post-Production Services relating to sound, assembly and mixing, including projection rooms with advanced technology.
Restaurant Building: 1,913 m2 and with a peak capacity of 600 diners per hour
Deluxe Film Development Laboratory Ciudad de la Luz Study Center, training centre - degree in Audiovisual Communication.

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